Summer: the season of the visionary. With the long days and warm nights comes a renewed sense of vigor. Life becomes less serious and more lived. Schedules and calendars are forgone for vague senses of time, dictated by the sun, the weather, and the company kept. Open windows, salty air, warm breezes; fresh fruit, the smell of sunscreen, the sound of waves. Equal parts romantic, idyllic, and calm, summer serves as a clean slate; the solstice, itself a sort of new beginning.

Perhaps it is the travel, most of all, that makes the season feel slightly out of step with reality. That first deep breath in a new place—each one of your senses experiencing something fresh and unfamiliar, all at once. Settling into your temporary home, waking up to the light of a different dawn. Exploring a brand new city for the first time, without a care, a plan, or even an expectation. Creating your own halcyon days; every moment forming a memory. 

Lazily drifting on the sea, allowing the openness of the landscape to fill you up. The strange and serene sentiment of feeling so small yet so whole. Walking home sun drunk in the late afternoon, taking that fated pre-dinner nap. Waking up to the sunset, ready for yet another start. Sharing a meal with friends, both brand new and well known, the conversation just as intoxicating as the wine. Perhaps you’ll turn in early, perhaps you’ll dance till dawn. You know well enough to let the night decide.

"To capture this spirit of summer—that ethos of being—is le’semer. It is an idea, an expression of a state of mind."

Founded in 2021 by Jasna Karkin, le’semer is a thoughtfully curated online boutique embodying the intangible essence of summer. A collection of beautiful and distinct items, each with an authentic story and a real intention; with a focus on lasting pieces meant to bring the vibrancy of the season to everyday life.